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Chiropractic for Life, LLC

Providing chiropractic care using Bio-Geometric Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, and Network Spinal Analysis.

What Is It I Do?

by Sue Brown, DC

...the true gift of healing is within each one of you. Chiropractic allows you to reconnect with that special gift. It allows you to reconnect with the wisdom that created you from a single cell; increases your temperature when overcoming infection; heals the bumps and bruises of life, both physical and emotional; retrieves memories of a birthday party or of a loved one lost; it inspires you to cry in pain or jump for joy.

Over the years the theories and models of why and how Chiropractic works may change but the philosophy and intention remains the same. Within the body there resides an innate wisdom. This wisdom coordinates, inspires, heals and motivates every action and reaction. It is perfect and ever-present. The integrity of the various communication systems (the nerve system, the neurochemistry and the electromagnetic field) of the body is vital for the transmission of that innate wisdom.

The communications systems also being the memory and perception systems of the body, are constantly receiving and storing information from the internal and external environment. If at any point the body is unable to fully integrate the experiences of life, it will become overloaded and the experiences will be stored in the physiology. These stored experiences create what in chiropractic is called a subluxation. A subluxation is a distortion of the body which creates interference in the communication systems thus interfering with the expression of the intelligence of the body.

Now, one or two subluxations will most likely go unnoticed. as they start to accumulate, however, the effects become much greater and therefore the body becomes progressively more rigid. The body's ability to adapt, self-correct and recover from stress decreases. Our perception becomes distorted, the natural healing ability of the body diminishes and we slowly become more of the past than the present now moment.

The cumulative effect of this stored tension or stored energy in the system, I believe, is the source of all dis-ease. What's amazing is that the body's ability to adapt is so great that it will continue to function even when greatly compromised. And what's more amazing is that the body's ability to heal is so great that even given the slightest chance to improve, it will self-correct.

Getting adjusted gives your system that change, it allows the system to "move" toxins, emotions, distortions and moving is what the system does best. Just as the subluxations in your system accumulate bit-by-bit in your body, getting regularly adjusted gradually and progressively moves and releases those subluxations. with each adjustment your system becomes better able to adapt, better able to heal and self-correct. It gets closer to living in the now moment.

Imagine if all your experiences could be perceived through a clear window instead of being colored by the past. Imagine if your body was flexible enough to flow with every stress instead of hitting it head on. getting adjusted takes you progressively toward the flexibility, the recoverability, the ease, the flow and the light of a child.

From Essence News (Autumn 2004, vol. 23)

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