Chiropractic for Life, LLC

Chiropractic for Life, LLC

Providing chiropractic care using Bio-Geometric Integration, Craniosacral Therapy, and Network Spinal Analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does chiropractic work? 

Misalignments of the vertebrae and nervous tissue cause irritation to the spinal nerves, contributing to pain and dysfunction in the body. This can result in tight muscles, stiff joints, headaches, arm and/or leg pain/numbness, breathing difficulties, digestive problems, and a number of other symptoms. Physical, mental, chemical and/or emotional stress can contribute to these misalignments.

The chiropractic adjustment consists of light contacts along the spine, allowing the nerves – which innervate all the organs and tissues – to function to their highest capacity, thereby allowing the body to heal.

What level of training is required for chiropractors? 

Doctors of Chiropractic in the United States complete four years of undergraduate school and five years of graduate school. During this time, they will study anatomy, physiology, pathology, chemistry, bacteriology, diagnosis, neurology, x-ray, psychiatry, OB-gyn, and orthopedics.

Chiropractors are required to pass national and state board examination to obtain licensure. Once licensed, continuing post-graduate education is required for annual license renewal.


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