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Chiropractic for Life, LLC

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The Healthy Way to Sit

A badly designed office can be more than just chaotic – it can hurt your health. Injuries, from stiff necks to
severe conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, are related to computer work.

Two pieces of equipment are crucial: first, a firmly cushioned chair on rollers that has adjustable everything: seat height and tilt, back angle, and arm rests. A chair should help you maintain good alignment.

Second, and equally important, is an adjustable keyboard tray (available at office supply stores) .

The keyboard must be below the work surface and tilted slightly downward, so the wrists are in a natural, straight position.

  1. The elbows should be angled at 90 degrees or greater.
  2. The top of the computer screen should tilt to be at eye level when you stare straight ahead.
  3. Feet should be flat on the floor or on a footrest if they don't reach.
  4. The seat height should put thighs parallel to the floor, so the knees are level with or slightly below the hips.
The goal is to be seated as in this illustration.

The goal is to be seated as in this illustration.

Finally, anyone who talks on the phone while typing should invest in a headset. Nothing crimps your body faster than pinching the phone between your head and your shoulder.

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